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Welcome to "A LEGACY" Appraisal & Estate Sales, LLC

Welcome to "A LEGACY" Appraisal & Estate Sales, LLC

Welcome to "A LEGACY" Appraisal & Estate Sales, LLCWelcome to "A LEGACY" Appraisal & Estate Sales, LLCWelcome to "A LEGACY" Appraisal & Estate Sales, LLC

About Us

Let Us Turn Your Estate into "A LEGACY!"

The only accredited personal property appraisal company in the Texas panhandle.

Market Values

Where the values of your items are researched not guessed.  Each item is examined, researched and sold in the appropriate venue.


  • International Society of Appraisers - accredited member
  • American Society of Estate Liquidators - accredited
  • Better Business Bureau A+ rating - an invited member
  • USPAP appraisals
  • Antiques & Collectibles National Association
  • estatesales.org
  • estatesales.net - national conference attendee




Whole estates (or businesses) can be sold in total estate liquidations where the entire house,  garage, closets, kitchen, cabinets and each nook are straightened and displayed.  LEGACY's staff goes from corner to corner and from ceiling to floor to find and display items.   If the size of the estate requires extra displaying spaces, either furniture or covered tables (with matching table coverings), will be brought in. If the estate has spots that need to be filled, those areas will be filled and staged with items, that complement yours, and the entire home will looked lived in.  LEGACY has the ability to fill these spaces with other estate items or from our extensive list of consignors. The more items in the estate - the more successful the sale!  Experience has shown that the more there is for people to look at - the longer they will stay & the more items will be purchased.   


Box lots at an individual clients sale are not sold like they are at auction houses. Each item is priced individually, with professional price tags or stickers with the exception of small items such as votives, sewing notions, small kitchen items, decorative groupings, and small garage items - usually items that would be priced no more than $5.50 each.  LEGACY is here to work for you, the client, in the best possible way. 


What are we going to do with all Aunt Sally's things?   Does anything have any value? Do we need an appraisal for some of the items or the whole house? How do we determine values in order to equally divide items?  Which items should we:


1.    Sell?        

2.    Donate?         

3.    Throw away?        

4.    Do we have the time?         

5.    How should we, the family & heirs, begin??         

6.    Can we disassociate from the memories going through lifetime collections of our loved ones? 

7.    If I contact companies, how do I know what kind of education, experience do they have? 

8.    Are they insured?         

9.    Do they only accept cash???   Why???  How is all the money accounted for???       

10.   Are they operating legally - do they collect & PAY sales taxes?   Have the companies produce their sales tax certificate if you aren't sure.  If they can't, what is my liability? 

11.   How about income taxes???  Again, what is my liability???        

12.  How far ahead of time should I call for a meeting?  -

      Answer - As soon as I think I may need services.


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