Each home or business or estate is set up like a department store within a model home, in which everything is for sale. This can be a home with or without antiques.  It can contain vintage, contemporary, or new items. 


There is value in every estate!


Do not wait to call and schedule an appointment - get on " A LEGACY's " sale list.  LEGACY Appraisals & Estate Sales, LLC of Amarillo is here to help you at this difficult time.  Not only have we done this many times, but we've also been at the other end and needed someone with our services.  LEGACY Appraisals & Estate Sales is here to provide the Amarillo area with the type of service needed.    But you need you to call and schedule a consultation.  Many people are disappointed because we are booked weeks ahead and the sales can not be completed in the time frame they need.   The sooner you call, the sooner you get on our calendar!

Reba Jo Fleming, ISA AM







One of the best parts of our service is the excellence of our staff. Our people are compassionate, thorough, and honest. They are efficient at staging/displaying and keeping the estate straightened during sales. We may move items during the sales to keep the house from looking picked over. Our friendly and often humorous staff is there to assist the public. Let it also be known that we also have the ability to be very firm and refuse service to any daunting dissemblers who wish to cause a disturbance or are rude or disrespectable to the estate, any staff member or any of LEGACY's valuable customers.


LEGACY's  staff goes from corner to corner and from ceiling to floor to find and display items.   If the size of the estate requires extra displaying spaces, either furniture or covered tables (matching table coverings), will be brought in. If the estate has spots that need to be filled, those areas will be filled and staged with items, that compliment yours, and the entire home will look full.  LEGACY has the ability to fill these spaces with other estate items or from our extensive warehouse. The more items in the estate - the more successful the sale!  Experience has shown that the more there is for people to look at -  the longer they will stay & the more items will be purchased. LEGACY is here to work for you, the client, in the best possible way.  

LEGACY will never take on more sales than is physically possible.  Your estate will have LEGACY's full attention before and during the sale process.  


We do not cater to dealers, but they are always welcome at our sales. This ensures that in the opening hours of the first day of the sale there is no exclusive cherry-picking (or sold tags on photographed merchandise) leaving the house unorganized and with gaps in the display of items. We do, however, have an email list for pre-sale events should the sale be large enough .
If the items have been photographed and online the night before, you can rest assured, if you are first in the door, the items you see online will be there without sold stickers on them. My staff may shop after the first wave of customers and after closing of the first day as regular customers. I do not have a store or booth nor do I sell on-line (unless it for my client). As an appraiser this would be a conflict of interest. My attention is on selling the estate items for the client and not feathering my own nest.

*On larger ticket items we are allowed to accept a purchaser's "Highest & Best OFFER."  - These are binding and are treated just as a signed check. A cash deposit, check, or credit card # will be required at the time the offer is made.

It is illegal in the State of Texas, without a licensed auctioneer present with an advertised license number, and it puts the homeowner in potential financial jeopardy as an illegal act is being committed on the seller's property! 


As a personal property appraiser, LEGACY has not only has the education but also the experience of pricing items in the secondary sales market. Many hours of education plus the resources available to personal properties appraisers, assure you the pricing guidelines are correct for this area. Values are not guessed at, they are researched.

Our sales can be tailored for a lot of ‘hoopla’ or none at all. We tailor each sale to your desires, but we will be there to help you make the wisest choice on how to divest your estate.

The sales are conducted as first come, first served. We open to the public that has been notified by email (2,000 and growing) advertised on our website, Facebook, Twitter & Instagram

We do adhere to all fire codes in Amarillo, TX and do, sometimes, limit the number of people that may enter our sales. This is determined by the square footage and the exits of the residence. ​


By the time the doors are ready to open for a public sale, the client’s home looks loved and lived in, and at the same time, the items are displayed to catch the eye of the customers in the home and on our website. This does the former client justice and the household honor. When potential sale attendees see the estate displayed in photos on line, they can see that it is worth coming to. They can also view items they may be interested in purchasing. This also provides a picture for the family, heirs or legal trustees to see what the estate once was.


LEGACY loves firearms!  Many of our clients have firearms that need to be sold. Anytime there are firearms at a LEGACY sale, we will have an off duty policeman on site. He is friendly and knowledgeable and there for everyone's safety. LEGACY also partners with several local FFL dealers for in town sales should we need one. We also have firearm appraisers and dealers in Amarillo, San Antonio & Austin who always have customers who will pay top dollar.


In many cases, the client also has automobiles, motorcycles, boats, trailers, or RVs for sale. We can assist you with these larger items, also. LEGACY has a gentleman on staff who previously sold cars and is able to obtain the current resale value of your vehicles.​


Fees are determined by the quality and quantity of items in the estate.  Expenses stay the same whether I conduct a smaller or larger sale. Therefore, the smaller estates require a bit higher percentage rate. But you will get the best estate sale company in Amarillo. You will be provided a company acting legally, paying our sales and income taxes, showing you proof of insurance, and providing you with an accounting for all cash and card sales.

We offer competitive client pricing and you benefit from our expert qualifications, education, experience and caring. 

Whole estates (or businesses) can be sold in total estate liquidations where the entire house, garage, closets, kitchen, cabinets and each nook are straightened and displayed.  


Our security may include an off duty police officer, a doorman to meter how many people are in the home at a time. We have watchers in certain rooms or wings of homes and are constantly circulating during the sale. The jewelry, firearms and small collectibles are displayed at our check out area (in locked cases if needed) and shown one piece at a time.

No cash, fine jewelry, coins, sterling, or firearms are ever left overnight at the sale site.

Although we are not reponsible for theft, we take every precaution to minimize this problem.  If the estate is not equipped with a security system, LEGACY can arrange overnight security. We also have up to 12 camera surveillance monitoring cameras we can place in strategic spots during the sale so everything is not only monitored, but also recorded. My retired police officer is not only friendly but efficient should there be any situations.

No strollers, walkers, large bulky coats, or large handbags (or covered drink cups) are ever permitted!  Accidents have happened!

Shopping baskets and holding area containers are provided to our customers for their convenience and for an added measure of control.  


We don't sell only to get the job done, but strive to get a fair market value prices in the secondary marketplace. We bargain throughout the final sale days in order to reduce the amount of unsold estate items. After the doors close, sales may continue.  This helps clear the estate and make the move or dissolution of the estate easier. 

We are equipped to handle major credit & debit cards through our Square Up card service. So many people do not carry cash.  This could be the determining factor in completing a sale.  Card purchases will be accepted for purchases totaling $10.00 or more.($10.00 & over - Texas Finance Code Chapter 339.001)


If you think you should help shorten the process - don't! The only items we ask you to remove are the trash, perishable food, personal photographs (unless vintage), items with names, addresses, social security numbers & phone numbers on them, and any prescription medications.

Many of our estates include second homes. We can go anywhere in Texas & northern New Mexico and will also travel anywhere in the United States to handle large, substantial sales where our services can be given in your behalf of your family’s estate. Our travel fees are quite realistic and never inflated. We are located in Amarillo, TX with satellites in Angel Fire, Red River, and Eagle Nest, NM, and San Antonio & Austin, TX and our newest location - Casa Grande, AZ.


At the end of every sale you will receive a settlement sheet with the gross total dollar amounts of sales & the sales taxes collected along with any other expenses incurred by LEGACY.   (It is the LAW in our great state of Texas that all businesses collect and pay sales tax due the state).

I can provide you with a copy of my latest quarterly sales tax filing and payment to the state of Texas, if you wish. The estate is liable to the state of Texas for any sales taxes due to them. Make sure the company you hire pays the taxes due the state.


Are the companies you interview insured?  
Rest assured, extra liability insurance is carried on each and every sale conducted by LEGACY. Although LEGACY requires you have current homeowner's insurance in place, our insurance adds another level of security and peace of mind. You will be provided a copy of my proof if liability insurance coverage.


Our clients receive the benefit of our experience in the antique business and in the estate sales business (Amarillo, San Antonio, Albuquerque, Santa Fe, Taos & our newest satellite - Casa Grande, AZ).  Some of our sales have included museum quality art, fine jewelry, firearms, coins as well as antique and contemporary furnishings. As an accredited personal property appraiser with the International Society of Appraisers, I not only have my personal expertise but have a wealth of contacts nationwide. ISA's network includes major auction houses, Replacement's buyers, art brokers in Amarillo, Dallas, San Antonio, Santa Fe & Taos.  

LEGACY is very proud to announce that we have been accepted into the
American Society of Estate Liquidators     
as of January 27, 2015
see: www.aselonline.com/


the Better Business Bureau (accredited member) of Amarillo with an A+ rating

We like to do as much as we can to keep abreast of the changing estate liquidation market and the laws that govern our profession.​